There are an abundance of vineyards within the locality offering everything from wine tasting to full 'appreciation' days and tours. We especially recommend Chateau Belingard, approx 30 minutes’ drive from Domaine de Leygue, owned by Lauren & Sylvie Bosredon, two very lovely people who both speak excellent English.
For those more interested in Biodynamic wines produced using extremely eco-friendly methods, we can recommend Chateau Haut Garrigue, approx 35 minutes’ drive, owned by Sean & Caroline Feely who offer a good selection of tours, lunches and wine tasting.

There's also the Bergerac Maison des Vins, a museum where visitors can learn all about the regions 13 Appellations and the history of wine in the Dordogne, plus attend wine tasting events held in both French and English.

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