Thanks to our lovely cottage guests, Nigel Harris and wife Michelle here is our view of the Tour de France Passage, just literally down the hill from Domaine de Leygue, on a beautiful hot July 11th. We shared the excitement on the bridge over the Dordogne at Lalinde with a brilliant crowd of Tour fans, and the excitement was too much for Den's 'See Me' bright yellow smiley face flag, as it jumped into the river and sailed off to Bergerac!
However, Den and Nigel can been seen at 59 seconds of film, on the left hand side of the bridge (with Nigel's Union Jack minus the smiley) and Nigel also wins the prize for the best photo of Chris Froome in winning action!!!
Great atmosphere, and only a spit and a whistle from Domaine de Leygue.....chilled wine and a cold beer waiting on return. Great memory!!! Seeing the Tour footage from the air reminds us what a stunning part of France we have the joy of living in.

The Tour as it enters Lalinde!

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