Domaine de Leygue is known as Peaceful France, and because of this, we had an author ‘run-away’ from her high-rise west end home in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada to live for 3 months in a tower of another sort, here at Domaine de Leygue.

Edwards Tower became home to Rosemary Delnavine, author of debut novel ‘A Legend for a Girl’, now available in paperback and download on Kindle.  Find it here!




Rosemary knew that for an intense writing approach, the utter peace and tranquillity of our location, the clear air and wide skies of the wooded Dordogne countryside, offered her the perfect environment to complete and edit her book.

This she did, in the winter of 2016-17, experiencing deep crystal cold, magical winter sunsets, captivating starlit skies, a few special winter rain and wind storms, and reading nights by the woodburner under ancient French beams, with dog and cat. Rosemary said this fuelled her capacity to write and write, and A Legend for a Girl was given life in Edward’s Tower.

Den and I were thrilled and delighted to be witness to Rosemary’s creative process, and know that our shared winter literary times were very special.
We hope Peaceful France at Domaine de Leygue will be resonant in the journey of Rosemary Delnavines' A Legend for a Girl.

Lisanne and Den 2nd July 2017.

A Legend for a Girl.

The event that changes Elinore Crum’s life forever occurs thousands of miles away from her home in Scotland. One bright Alaskan morning, a bear eats her father for breakfast, and her mother seizes the opportunity to leave their small village and move to Edinburgh.

While Melba Crum dreams of stardom, romance, and wealthy prospects for a second husband, her nine-year-old daughter struggles to adapt to life in a city. The two live with distant cousins—the overly religious, bigoted Caltrops—and Elinore suffers under their devout austerity. Only her imagination gets her through nights without supper and the range of small cruelties her relatives subject her to.
As Melba begins a whirlwind romance with an American whom Elinore loathes, Elinore amuses herself by exploring her corner of Edinburgh. Her mother longs for fame and fortune, but it is Elinore who discovers true riches in the friendships that the city offers. Through chance and her own resourcefulness, she meets people who care deeply for her, ranging from a baronet’s widow to a shopkeeper’s daughter.
After Melba reveals a startling family secret, Elinore is faced with a consuming mystery. But will solving it send her life in a better direction?

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