A l'Ancre de Salut LIMEUIL DORDOGNE.

Spring is well and truly here now in the Dordogne and  the Easter holidays brings the first rush of holidaymakers, both french and from all over the rest of Europe. The local bars and restaurants start gearing up for a busy season, one of these being the beautifull A l'Ancre de Salut - Bar Brasserie in nearby Limeuil. As freinds Mike and Jenny are here with us from the UK we had lovely Tapas and drinks whilst listening to the  local popular band Lazarus Heights.

Limeuil is one of the "Beaux villages de France" and you can certainly see why. The village is located at the confluence of the Dordogne and Vézère rivers just 15 minutes or so drive from our beautiful Dordogne cottages to rent at Domaine de Leygue. Historically this location at the meeting of the two major local rivers gave Limeuil immense importance – both commercially and strategically. In medieval times, the rivers were the highways of trade, and to be at the convergence of two of them was a unique advantage in the region: this was, historically, primarily a wine-producing area, much of the wine quite 'rough', but the casks of relatively better wine were delivered into the 'chais' at Limeuil, for subsequent delivery downstream to Bordeaux, on large, flat-bottomed 'gabarres'. The rivermen had to be accommodated here, and to this day the riverside bar/restaurant bears the name L'Ancre de Salut – a boatsman's term meaning literally 'the safety anchor', a place where the rivermen could find food, wine, a bed, and rest, before their return up river. Today, we just use the river for Geoff, our labrador, to swim in the hot summer as it has a lovely shallow gravel beach with picnic area.

There's lots on offer here in the spring and summer months, a weekly marché nocturne (an open-air meal, with entertainment, bought from an array of stalls cooking a wide variety of food) during the summer, in the Place du Port down alongside the river; art exhibitions in the Chateau Parc; a small weekly market; an immense Pottery Fair, one of the largest in France; a similarly large antique and bric'a'brac fair; to join the regular artisans – a glassblower, a potter, and a micro-brewery ('brasserie') – as well as local canoeing, horseriding, football, and pétanque.

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